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Closed-Loop Security

Protect your employees’ personal information, scripts, production schedules, emails, and other sensitive production documents from being hacked by limiting exposure. By eliminating public email servers, you remove the greatest threat to your production’s security, and you guarantee full oversight with PDFs that can’t be printed, forwarded, saved, or copied, a full audit log, and expiring links.

Digital Start Packets™

Fully automated, fully digitized, fully modern on-boarding of crew allows you to ensure compliance, maintain accurate archives and instantly search for any start form.

Affordable Care Act Compliance

Benefits with Ease™ is our complete ACA compliance solution for the entertainment industry. Employers: we handle the administration, eligibility and reporting so you can focus on production. Eligible employees: you can enroll in best-in-class healthcare options through Anthem Blue Cross and Allstate Benefits.

Production Incentives

Find out where to get the most for your money with our comprehensive production incentives resources. You can browse our map of incentives by state, get our Incentives Guide, or work with our experienced Incentives team to make sure that you get the best values, comply with all state regulations, and don’t miss any savings, no matter where you shoot.

Ease Commercial Services

Find out why increasing numbers of this country’s leading corporations are turning to Ease to help them stretch their marketing budget without sacrificing quality.

Sony Digital Paper

Annotate, share, and save your documents, all from a device light enough to carry anywhere. Annotate scripts, work on contracts, share revisions with the crew, and send out notes using cloud technology.